“…we dont know that its not caused by…”

I like many others, am a bit of a news junkie.. and in the recent past the best i can do is CNN off the cable box.. so much so that i have the CNN logo burned in at the bottom right corner of my plasma. (ok.. ok.. its actually rather hard to burn anything on new plasmas.  its actually image retention which miraculously for me goes away after an hour of cartoons or a movie), but still, you would figure that the yahoos at CNN would have the courtesy of moving their logo around a little to make it all a little more forgiving to their plasma tv owning viewers. Right?

I have a gandhian approach to many things… forgive and live on. if you’ve got to really do the things that you do.. then peace be onto you… People are basically honest and good… but am changing my opinion to also add they’re inherently stupid. Oh wait a minute.. people are essentially selfish, arrogant self serving viruses.. darned it… they can be both ways cant they. Wonder what gandhi had to say about it. The crew manning the posts at CNN are by the day getting more self serving and annoying.. these days its hard for a day to go by without hearing … “we dont know that its not caused by”.. and its more often than not followed by “terrorist”. we dont know that its not caused by…. hmmm.

Rick Sanchez (someone kindly fire him..  we implore you…please), who i can only tell has had one too many tackles to the head recently had one of his more profound foot in mouth episodes with…“Najibullah Zazi..Remember that weird name?…”. A bad mans a bad man but his name has nothing to do with it Rick.

At the check out aisle at the local grocery store waiting my turn, i happened to glance over at a copy of the Globe and in colorfull print plastered on its front page..”Obama caught in hotel with this (image) beauty!! Witness tells all. Steamy video set to cause presidential scandal.” I sorrily shook my head and thought of CNN.

Unfortunately for me, its logo seems to be burned into my mind with everything a news channel should be not,… just like my plasma and all  i can hope for is that its nothing more than image retention.

Report the news, dont make it.


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