The Table Top Ride – Cambridge Soundworks vs Tivoli vs Bose Wave vs Boston Acoustics Receptor HD!

The search for the simplest of things sometimes can turn out to be a rather harrowing experience. This tale is of one such instance. Once upon a time, in the not at all that long ago, a shopping did I go, for a small table top radio. Many did I see, each touting themselves the … Continue reading

Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 mini review.

OOoooo… i got mail today and its the ATH-ESW9! Finally i get to see first hand what all the fuss is about. This is my take on it. Im not about to go on about the box and and packaging any more than to say it was a box and packaged it was, decently well. … Continue reading

Of Belgian Chocolates and Burqas…

The Belgians have apparently put out a  law that while may not explicitly say so, would effectively ban the use of the burqa in public. And to no surprise the very first thing this draws is fire onto itself. Frankly I dont get it. I think a lot of people dont get it. I applaud the Belgians for standing up for … Continue reading