Of Belgian Chocolates and Burqas…

The Belgians have apparently put out a  law that while may not explicitly say so, would effectively ban the use of the burqa in public. And to no surprise the very first thing this draws is fire onto itself. Frankly I dont get it. I think a lot of people dont get it. I applaud the Belgians for standing up for local customs and culture.. what inherently makes Belgium Belgium. I expect its not burqas and the like. It shouldnt be too long now before something goes bang in some unsuspecting place and hapless people get hurt.. to protect the vestigial muslim male ego. Just so long as the chocolates dont get tainted. I rather favor Belgian chocolates.

Nicolas Sarkozy said “In our country, we cannot accept that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity” and i do agree with the man. Those hidden behind the veil from light would agree with him too if not for the fear of retibution from what must be a fierce and malicious god or maybe a lashing whip from a brother, father or husband. It never ceases to amaze me the fear intangible religion can bind man with. Its obvious enough… very plain to see actually. The hardest thing to do is to step away from every preconceived notion and everything thats been ingrained to be true.  Walking a myriad of other paths or even none at all is the equivalent of evolutionary bifocals, shedding the notions that bind us to our faith. The staunch tend to find this highly offensive disregard less of the fact that all of man bleed the same crimson shade of red. Very often what were told to be true, however improbable is what we know to be true. Any extreme, be it female castration, burqas or hymenoplasty are a form of control. Physical binds or bound in mind are more or less the same thing.

I certainly dont think that the Belgians or the French are liberating anybody from anything by banning burqas.. but its a step towards integration into their local customs and culture. If you’re there, then fit. or at least some semblance of it. I certainly shouldn’t expect complaining and vocal opposition. The only true liberation would be the liberation of the mind and thats got to come from within, truly allowing one to see, hopefully no longer from behind veiled eyes.


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