Kin – Iphone – WinMo relationship BS on ZDnet!

Kin – Iphone – WinMo relationship BS!

Who writes this stuff.. just to fit a round peg into a square hole befitting the current atmosphere. Rubbish!

No im not disputing that the Kin is dead. It probably deserved it for all i care. ive never even seen one.

“Matt Miller, cellphone and smartphone guru made it clear that the intended teenage audience didn’t need or want a scaled-down smartphone as iPhone’s and BlackBerry’s are sophisticated and powerful enough. Teenagers don’t want or need to be patronised by being forced upon them a device which let’s them do things simply. The need to explore, to have advanced features and settings and an experience of which to learn and create with.” – quoted from zdnet article linked to above.

Now, theres a statement that made me fall off the chair laughing… then i just got irked. the what?!! wrap “dumb’ in pretty wrapping paper and for the “target” demographic, its christmas in July. The Iphone pioneered selling dumb to the masses with a pretty GUI. Apple locked the user down to the provider, Itunes, the lack of most any given “as standard” feature and a Nazi OS. Just because it had a pretty GUI and apps didnt make it a open and friendly OS. The Iphone steered the user where it wanted with little or no settings to be explored. In contrast, WinMo floundered because of settings!

Jobs sold chastity belts to the dumb and made it work. It was a phonomenal success. Not because it was an open and friendly OS. Because it was made simple by a constrained idiot proof pretty looking GUI. (Apps run on the OS, different thing. thats about supporting your OS). Things have certainly changed with every new incarnation. Jailbreaking leveled the playing field.. and even Apple has succumbed to incorporating the simplest of features onto the Ipod – a FM tuner, standard on most other brands since about when Moses came down with the commandments.

Folks, to an extent are merely sheep and the shepherd with the glitziest coolest looking staff and a flair for the dramatic leads the way.

Next, it’ll be how Gates didnt profit from letting Windows go wild and populating the earth before reining it back in.

Rant off.


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