The one that got away…

you cant win them all. or..can you? whatever the case, this is the one that got away in favor of the sl-1200mk2 cue lever auto lift.  this was the first rough version i cobbled together as proof of concept. i used a piece of aluminum tubing and for the cam, an aluminium rod cut down … Continue reading

Prince of Persia – the sands of time = complete fail.

Pirates of the Carribean wannabe with astoundingly poor acting and way too much cheesy cgi. story deserves better direction and a better cast. apart from alfred molina who barely passes as tolerable, the rest are unworthy and thats not saying much. amazing how good and how bad disney can be at the same time! I want my money back.

Technics SL-1200MKII end of play auto lift.

Theres a lot to be said for tinkering and every so often, you’ve got to love it when it comes together oh so nicely. If i had one gripe with my Technics SL-1200MK2 manual turntable,.. is that every so often its not a SL-1600MK2 wth its fully automatic features. I love my 1200MK2 to death … Continue reading

American Chopper with a pinch of Salt….

everyones got one,…. or maybe two if not a whole bunch. a reality show. yep, one of those docudramas in a fishbowl. i honestly dont get caught up in mainstrem tv.. theres hardly ever anything on that catches my fancy apart from some lighthearted sitcoms and the more popular animated shorts. who deosnt love the family guy … Continue reading

Im a Blogger, Hear Me Roar!..???

what the heck does it mean really. Oh, Im a blogger.. so and so’s a blogger… and therefore?? worn shamelessly,  the word “blogger” seems to be treated as a job description needing formal education complete with a graduation and cheezy dollar store wall mounted plaque. This annoys me to no end. being a part of a socail circle and … Continue reading

Some say…..

the outline of his left nipple is an exact replica of the Nürburgring…… and, that his favorite condiment is WD40! All we know is, hes called the STIG!! HaH! those 3 boys of top gear fame really crack me up. with the end of the season again leaving random giggles and hilarious cooler talk concocted … Continue reading

Analogue rising.

Its the darnedest thing really.. you wouldn’t think it would be imaginable, possible or much less actually happening… but here it is., the analogue renaissance. and its happened to me.. well, to be plainly honest, i knew it was a matter of when for me personally, but it making a comeback in general like a tide coming in.. heck, you’d get your … Continue reading