Im a Blogger, Hear Me Roar!..???

what the heck does it mean really. Oh, Im a blogger.. so and so’s a blogger… and therefore?? worn shamelessly,  the word “blogger” seems to be treated as a job description needing formal education complete with a graduation and cheezy dollar store wall mounted plaque. This annoys me to no end. being a part of a socail circle and using it to an end is merely a tool, its not broadly what i would call a “job”. hence if one claims that one is a “b-l-o-g-g-e-r”… what does it mean? noting more than having a space on the interweb to scribble the ramblings that otherwise the people around you would leave unnoticed. to some, its “hey.. look at me!.. no really LOOK at me..!! look, look, im cutting myself.. see see all the pretty red blood.. LOOK AT ME!!” or “look at the child.., shes blind, and has polio.. and muscular dystrophy.. feel sympathy.. FEEL IT.. Feel it NOW else I will Roar and you will be discriminated against soundly… for not feeling it!! its always easier to be liked being anonymous on the by ways of the interweb when standing on a soap box, isnt it?

case in question.. CNN anchor introduces a guest that i’ll bet felt blessed for the 5 minutes of fame on national tv to raise awareness of some random thing or another. and follows with “you’re a blogger arent you?” which elicited an oh so smug look, beaming pride from .. err what again?

mob mentality whether using a message board or picketing outside a building or throwing molotov cocktails are all the same thing. being a “b-l-o-g-g-e-r-” is yelling to a mob in the current sense of the word.. and god knows the number of people now who “need” causes to add spice to an otherwise mundane existence. while it has its place to start a conversation, share with the like minded  and to even raise awareness, it is not a threat and should not bludgeon whatever the  “b-l-o-g-g-e-r-” mafia gangs up on.

“b-l-o-g-g-e-r-“s thrive catching the unsuspecting off guard in spending 5 minutes making sense of a cause for which they will never get that 5 minuted back.. ever!! heck, thats as bad as smoking!!! drive by bloggers taking pot shots at unsuspecting folk navigating the quagmire thats the internet… cautiously avoiding rowdy calls for grand sex and bigger phalluses.. and without warning, taking two squarely in the chest…. by you.. the blogger. yes, thats who you are, yelling loudly in tones liberally greased in controversy and unashamedly sympathetic causes.

i suppose, this rant makes me something of a party to whom i speak off.. if it should raises awareness (hah!) or a nod of agreement, then lucky for you.. if not,.. its cocked and loaded and ive got you in my sights. sorry. you’ve just been another nameless victim of a drive by blogging.


rant off!


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