American Chopper with a pinch of Salt….

everyones got one,…. or maybe two if not a whole bunch. a reality show. yep, one of those docudramas in a fishbowl. i honestly dont get caught up in mainstrem tv.. theres hardly ever anything on that catches my fancy apart from some lighthearted sitcoms and the more popular animated shorts. who deosnt love the family guy then eh? but the dice of chance as it would have it had other ideas… or maybe i fell straight into the dragnet for the target demographics of  the savvy marketeers of the series producers of “American Chopper” and “The deadliest catch”.

before these came along i never could quite figure out the appeal of a reality show.. heck, if reality was sought, it was abound all around me in spades. the telly was my escape from reality..

Like any red blooded bloke, i love bikes.. owned a couple, rode on many an adventure full of  good memories. even broke my hip off of one,… that, you never forget… doesnt matter how hard you try. being  mechanically inclined, the design and fabrication of bikes on american chopper struck all the right chords and plucked out a tune in me i could hum all day long. theres nothing like banging on metal with sparks flying to get the adrenalin going and from concept to execution, theres nothing quite like seeing it brought to life in a chesty rumble of exhaust fumes. The Teutuls are a strange dysfunctional lot to say the least, and for most part a complete waste of my or most other peoples time, their antics taking up pointless space in each 45 minute episode. the near constant bickering is ridiculous and would see more interest in the ranks of bored housewives than a motorcycle enthusiast. could you imagine  the soccer mom in a faded pink housecoat getting her jollies off daytime tvs bad boys of motorcycle fabrication? i dont see it,… do you? Senior has even gone so far as to fire his son and designer Paul Jr towards the end of season 6… which brings to the premier of season 7 another twist on the theme.. Sr vs Jr. I dont know honestly.. could be that American Chopper should be quite rightly instead be getting the axe for the chop… pun very much intended. This is the kind of interaction that i would only ever like to see. A darned good reason for just about everybody to adopt the Metric system. All said and done, its gotten worse as the season has dragged on… but ive enjoyed the ride for what its worth, and am looking forward to todays premier on TLC.

the first time i came across “the deadliest catch” on discovery, it had me riveted. the trials and tribulations of these crab fishermen which i can only imagine has been thickened over a slow boil of the editors pot, is nothing short of amazing. this was me, living vicariously through the camera following the lives of these people. i could taste the salt in the air… and it certainly puts the power of the ocean into some real perspective after the disillusions of  “the love boat“. Here too again, the personal lives and interactions of the various crews involved have been thrown into play for entertainment value that leaves little to be desired. me, im interested if the swab on deck got taken over the side by a rogue wave… or if a giant crab jumped up on deck and did the lambada with the Norwegian guys leg. leave the “boo hoos” out of it. im happy having the intricacies of the gumby suit or the bilge pumps explained to me in gory detail… not about the pregnant wife and three parking tickets past due. this is living large, living strong.. play hard, die young stuff….. choke down several more packs of cigarettes liberally laced with caffeine,… battle the ocean, wave after unrelenting furious wave.. its manly men at their manliest best!. Its Capt Phil asking when he could go out to sea again after a stroke. Its all nothing i could or would ever do .. even if i wanted to, but through the lives of these men in high definition and dolby digital audio i get to experience it all at its finest.  These guys have my utmost respect for a job im sure they find just to be a part of the rigmarole of daily life.

The Mythbusters also need to have a honorary mention. Its a well crafted show that at least has left out the corny “reality” part out. Its all meat and potatoes with those guys and i much appreciate them for it.

I truly do look forward to my televised escapes from reality with these “reality” shows, i dont ever remember the Eastenders to have been ever this interesting. I do hope the Teutuls will keep the bickering to a minimum this week… *sigh*

One Response to “American Chopper with a pinch of Salt….”
  1. asmd says:

    Just got done watching the premier of Sr vs Jr… the family feud took up more airtime than the bike build disappointingly enough. Some old faces are back for what its worth. I always liked Vinnie. And the bike with the split tank… gorgeous! the split tank in itself was a thing of beauty. – asmd.

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