Cambridge Audio 640P phono stage review.

more of a initial impression really. but yeah, finally landed a 640p to complete an all cambridge audio setup in the study. ive been thoroughly impressed with the British brand since i took the plunge with the entry level Azur 340 intergrated amplifier.. which i can honestly say is some serious bang for the buck. its … Continue reading

Cheap and Cheerful single stud turntable shelf

Cheap and cheerful..  occasionally, just occasionally those two words dont sit on either side of “and” staring daggers at each other.  If you see it used, and thought… well, theres an oxymoron if i ever saw one…  you’d be right, i grant you that. which is why i rejoiced when my little weekend project of cobbling together … Continue reading

IE9 not supported by XP, not now, not ever. bah! *ROFLMAO*

Click Image above to go to the PC world article. 98% of XP users WONT care. which is why they chose to stick with XP in the first place. the other 2% will shoehorn DX10 into XP and run IE9 out of spite… and then use chrome/FF/Opera to to blow raspberries at it. *rant off*

Technics SL-1600MK2 DIY replacement Mat.

Some say that if you have to work for it, you savor it better. Maybe… I recently took ownership of a Technics SL-1600MK2 turntable that unfortunately came with a platter mat that had hardened to the point that it looked like ancient bakelite complete with cracks, until you pick it up and felt it only … Continue reading