Cheap and Cheerful single stud turntable shelf

Cheap and cheerful..  occasionally, just occasionally those two words dont sit on either side of “and” staring daggers at each other.  If you see it used, and thought… well, theres an oxymoron if i ever saw one…  you’d be right, i grant you that. which is why i rejoiced when my little weekend project of cobbling together an isolated cheap and cheerful turntable shelf, using a single stud no less, ended up  making me quite cheerful with the outcome.

first off, mounting anything on a single stud,.. well, comes with several problems.

a, its a single stud, it can only hold so much wieght – i prefer two at least. and

b, if youre anything like me, who can never get anything lined up straight, it can be a nightmare.

unfortunately, where i had in mind for this to go, there was only one stud available, and that was all i had to work with. i just dont have enough faith in using them fancy sheetrock fasteners with their frankly preposterous claims of rated sheer weight before failure. im not exactly sure how sheer weight translates to a force thats not exactly in the same plane as the wall. the way i figure it,  its more like 45 degrees away from the wall when supporting a shelf and that probably cuts the amount of effective weight it supports before the sheetrock itself gives way.

there are various ways of skinning this cat, but after a trip to the hardware store.. i ended up finding the answer online. the basis for this project is this:

crappy pic.. drat. clicking on it will take you to for details.

the sanus wall mount above aint the prettiest but for 26 bucks + free shipping, will hold 45 pounds to a single stud. thats just about right for my 27 pound turntable.. giving some margin of error for comfort. it doesnt come with a shelf per say, just four rubber nubs to hold up a/v equipment. what i had in mind was to mount a wood shelf on the arm for the turntable to sit on. of course, getting things level was a priority as well. so, this was what i came up with.

i first installed the bracket of the wall mount to a stud which i located using an electronic stud finder.  after measuring, lining up and mounting the bracket to the wall with the four supplied lag bolts, i then measured out 5″ on either side of the arm and drilled holes right through it using a 1/4th inch drill bit to mount the wood shelf to the arm. make a pilot hole using a dremel or some other high speed tool if you dont have a jig or a vise as things can get messy quick. looks like so:

note the two holes midway through both arms between the rubber nubs.

i had an orphaned piece of shelving from a previous project that i used here, but these are readily available inexpensively at home improvement stores.  set shelf on arm and adjust appearence to taste… make corresponding holes in the shelf, install threaded inserts into the wood (i used ez- lok which i had lying around) and affix to metal arm with appropriate screws.  now, heres the thing with the screws… they hold the shelf to the arm and also serve in adjusting the shelf to level it.

note the screws and the pieces of cardboard wedged and clamped down by the screws to get it to be perfectly level. its infinitesimally adjustable. 🙂

anticipating the universes premeditated outcome for all things requiring leveling and me,  as best as i tried, ( i own one of them fancy laser levels as well, mind you), the darned thing wasnt perfectly level,.. which brings us to the clever bit. okay,.. clever to me within 26$ worth of reason. using strips of cardboard (i didnt have washers on hand at the time, which will replace the temporary strips after my next visit to the hardware store ), i loosened the corresponding screw, lined it under the nub until the level was.. well,… level.. and tightened the screw up clamping everything into place. it may not be terribly ingenious, but its elegant in that it cant be seen and is easily readjustable if ever needed. 🙂

there we have it. a cheap and cheerful single stud shelf capable of supporting up to 45 pounds.

i somehow mis-measured the depth which i needed to drill and drilled right through the the wood. some black tape hides the embarrassment until i decide to replace the wooden shelf at a later date. sometimes measuring twice just isnt enough.

all done.

well folks, there we have it. one cheap and cheerful single stud wall mounted shelf  thats sturdy and aint half bad to look at. its nice to see cheap and cheerful sucking it up and getting along once in a rare while.

now all i need to do is, tidy up the rest of the mess. 🙂

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