BumbleBee Origami.

Some random Bumblebee image i pulled of the interweb to compare with my sons transformer toy.

I am absolutely impressed with my 5 year old sons Transformer toy.

scale vehicle form of bumblebee with scale model of sam.

Apparently I have been out of the loop for a while. Admittedly Transformers and Captain Future were a part of my world a long long time ago.. but even then we KNEW that theres no way you could squash a big old cool robot into it a real world sized car or what the heck else ever form they could transform into. Where would all the bits and bobs go? A simple youtube search will yield a bunch of videos that show that time has caught up way faster than the sense of my age to me, and these full transforming models have been around for a bit.. not in any bit of my world mind you, so when i came across this.. trust me when i say I am way more impressed than my son is by the fact that this 1/14 scale car can fully transform into a robot thingamajig.

transformed from car mode to robot mode with sam and ruler for a sense of scale.

I was thoroughly impressed with the engineering that went into the making of this action figure. A model that represented the actual sense of scale from car to robot. The origami voodoo engineering that went into this.. well it made me have a sit down and marvel at it.
The car looks true to scale while action figure sam stands next to or sits in it and in robot mode bumblebee looks about right as well towering over sam. well, all 8 towering inches.. but then again, scale it up to 1:1 and its pretty darned impressive.

What that means is.. if its to scale.. then you’re thinking what im thinking.. yep. you’re right!!!… scale the darned thing up! that makes it actually plausable! I mean a lot more plausible than it was when i was a kid.

And they got it to look like the real deal from the flick! Well, they did screw up on sam though.. that does not look like Laboof.



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