Of Rooms and Acoustics….. Studiofoam/DIY acoustic panels.

Bet you’ve heard of it. Room acoustics.. I dare say the most overlooked aspect of audio reproduction.  I don’t remember just when it got marginalized to the point of obscurity but there was a time when it was given as much weight as the gear sold. Proper or even marginally proper setup of audio gear … Continue reading

Cambridge Audio 640P revisit.

Its been near 2 and the half months now since i acquired the Cambridge 640p phono stage. While the initial few weeks were a little bumpy, its now settled down quite nicely. The changes as i could tell stopped at about 6 weeks of being powered on continuously. While im not a big believer of … Continue reading

Salty Salt.

Angelina Jolie’s role of Evelyn Salt couldnt get any saltier… but lacks the meaty flavorful broth that makes for a good story. I love action flicks.. oh yes i do, but if ever there was too much of a good thing,.. this is it. This flicks a stunt video demo… and good lord,  the action sequences get dragged out to the … Continue reading

Elitist Apple.

Apples Elitist? Apples Iphone is what everyone seems to want, and that everyone will or is going to swear by but yet as of Nov 2010 only has a 3.2% market share of phone sales. Already 3rd behind Android, iOS has less than half the popularity of Nokias once loved Symbian OS. Go figure.   … Continue reading

Demerol/Phenergan, Topical anesthetic, Local anesthetic and N2O and i would never have complained either.

Times have changed.. they sure have indeed. I had to take my boy for a dental visit today.. something that used to put the fear of god into me when i was a lad. Buzzing drills, pointy steel needles and pliers that looked downright menacing dredged the darkest recesses of the shadows cast from the bright … Continue reading

Skylines a CGI tour de force thats Cloverfield on vitamins…. so much more could have been done with it.

Its not easy to impress me.. especially with hard to impress genres such as these. the bench mark has been set so high with previous productions that its well.., simply hard to do without some new angle. Independence day to me still is the yardstick i measure similar story lines too.. When the trailer hit the screen … Continue reading