Skylines a CGI tour de force thats Cloverfield on vitamins…. so much more could have been done with it.

Its not easy to impress me.. especially with hard to impress genres such as these. the bench mark has been set so high with previous productions that its well.., simply hard to do without some new angle. Independence day to me still is the yardstick i measure similar story lines too.. When the trailer hit the screen it got my attention.. the first step accomplished. it left my interest piqued, and i couldnt wait to see what it was all about. There seem to be two broad categories in this genre that make waves here.. the grand productions with big name stars and the less extravagant point of view style. both have the the potential to flop or do really well.. but note that they seem to sit on either extreme. for example, Cloverfield was really well made and with just a handful of young pups at the helm made a pretty darned good entertaining movie. Viral marketing tactics aside.. its a showcsae of what can be done from a different perspective.

On the other extreme District 9 was a huge 800 pound gorilla of a movie complete with political overtones that in my book currently stands as the best alien invasion movie ( if i can even call it that).. ever! Sharlto Copley was simply brilliant!

if you havent watched District 9, go out and get it now.. dont walk, run! its just simply that good!

Skyline on the other hand, sits in the Cloverfield group of flicks.. in fact, its kinda Cloverfield on steroids… its visually stunning, but it was the cast if anything, that was the anchor holding it back from being so much more. the acting was drab.. ive seen more intensity from a mortally wounded cock in a cockfight. that fella from “scrubs“, donald faison does a bloody good job  as christopher turk… here, he somehow churns out a turd. go figure. the storyline in its current form is adequate to hold its own… it just needed to be filled out right.

Would i regret recommending it? Probably not, i didnt regret watching it, thats for sure…. the aliens were depicted terrifyingly well and in enough grandeur that leaves you quite satisfied.. not just a glimpse here and there. its full on in your face. kinda reminded me of starship troopers… just didnt expect it. it grabs you by the eyeballs and jostles you around.. there was more than one bewildered utterance of WTF in the crowd….  that right there is how you know it works!

3/10 for casting and less than stellar acting, 8/10 for everything else. 10/10 for excessive use of bright blue lights.



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