Demerol/Phenergan, Topical anesthetic, Local anesthetic and N2O and i would never have complained either.

Times have changed.. they sure have indeed. I had to take my boy for a dental visit today.. something that used to put the fear of god into me when i was a lad. Buzzing drills, pointy steel needles and pliers that looked downright menacing dredged the darkest recesses of the shadows cast from the bright light above for unimaginable fear to overflow the void in the pit of my gut… and all i had to face it was Novocaine and a stern voice. They were the devil they were.

Not anymore though… my boy is quite fond of his dentist. He says they’re nice, unlike the nasty doctors who give painful shots. Im glad that dentists figured out that taking away the pain and the fear of it was almost all the battle won. What little anxiety left over seemed easily calmed with a reassuringly soothing voice and pleasant demeanor. If they could also take away my irrational fear of them from years of old school dental visits.. that would be quite some victory in conquering the anxiety involved whenever a dental visit looms in my schedule. Watching them work today hurt me a lot more than it did my boy.. im certain of that. The sound of that drill makes me cringe something fierce. All my boy had on was a timid smile braving the claustrophobia of the dentist chair… but no fear of pain at all.

Yeah, with Demerol/Phenergan, Topical anesthetic, Local anesthetic and N2O, i would never have  complained either.



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