Salty Salt.

Angelina Jolie’s role of Evelyn Salt couldnt get any saltier… but lacks the meaty flavorful broth that makes for a good story.

I love action flicks.. oh yes i do, but if ever there was too much of a good thing,.. this is it. This flicks a stunt video demo… and good lord,  the action sequences get dragged out to the point of hoping Salt would simply meet her demise just so it would end! Its like watching Angelina having a 90 min workout.. it made me tired. The plot itself has about as many holes in it as shots fired.. and mind you the death toll was alarmingly low, thanks to a conscientious Salt. I wish salt would be as conscientious when it comes to my blood pressure. Not enough effort was made to pad it out in any meaningful way that you may want to actually care about any of the characters. Its like a roller coaster ride, which most action flicks tend to be compared to, except this ones got one too many loops that makes you want to lose the sandwich you had for lunch out your nose.

Cast and acting – 6/10, Plot – 5/10, Salts conscience – 9/10,  Rending metal and pulling off unsurvivable stunts – 10/10


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