Tiger parenting.

Now that the asian style of parenting has been given a moniker thanks to Amy Chua, in hindsight, many realise they we were all actually lovingly mauled by razor sharp teeth growing up. Many are now professing to the loving scars of Tiger parenting and its indelible mark its left from all over the globe. And it seems to always turn out to be all good.

Coming from a background where being pushed to excel is the norm (and there sure is nothing wrong with that) and it was shunned not to be at least on par with the Joneses… The battle hymn of the Tiger mother comes as nothing out of the ordinary. It works. And im not Chinese. Its simply just an Asian thing.

Setting the canvas for a prosperous future is not just imperative but about as noble a gesture a parent can ever do for a child. While the Tigers in America, only found in zoos are raising eyebrows of passing parents and educators, Tigers in the wild span from the Indian subcontinent all the way to the far east. Surprised?


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