Playground Politics.

Its really hard to explain to a 6 year old why hes not going to the park today… much more so that its not his fault. Don’t let anybody ever tell you otherwise. When it comes to the point that quitting time ends in one child or another being dragged off home by their respective parent … Continue reading

A blade to the belly of the beast…. (or how to scratch your Evo 4G)

does it scratch? Easily?.. or even at all? Google for the need of a screen protector for the venerable Evo 4G and you’ll come away pretty much stranded between two camps. One resoundly advocates the use of a screen protector to protect all that beautiful screen real estate and the other quite adamantly says no, the protector detracts from the … Continue reading

Epic Evolution?

The problem is choice. Its a problem i wouldn’t mind too much if it wasn’t so darned hard to make that choice. Okay,.. Zion and the rest of humanity may not have been at stake with the choice i had to make. None the less, i did not want to be the Architect of my own poorly decided decision.  Its the principle of … Continue reading

Osama’s Dead!!…. Or Is He?

I watched the President give his speech followed by the jubilant whoops and cries amid the celebration among the throngs in the streets, brought about by the execution of the most wanted man alive, the terrorist head of Al Qaeda, one Osama bin Laden. I like many others remember distinctly where i was that fateful … Continue reading