Osama’s Dead!!…. Or Is He?

I watched the President give his speech followed by the jubilant whoops and cries amid the celebration among the throngs in the streets, brought about by the execution of the most wanted man alive, the terrorist head of Al Qaeda, one Osama bin Laden. I like many others remember distinctly where i was that fateful day when terrorists whooped and cheered around fireplaces accompanied by the staccato bark of AK-47s shattering still mountain air,  announcing to Allah in celebration the murder of so many innocent lives.. When the first images hit, the lot of us thought it was a movie playing on the telly… it was a surreal moment as it all sank it and bit down really hard.
Hell, Im just glad we’re rid of him. One less beardy weirdy to worry about. Its hard not to get sucked into the drama surrounding this unless you lived under a coconut shell somewhere out midwest… that is if one could actually find a cocounut shell in the mid west. Between Osamas death, Pippa Middletons ass and one slightly irked Pakistani president its darned near impossible to get any other news in edgewise.
Not Osama? Thank God! We want whats in his head, not a hole in his head! (Imaged linked from the Guardian)
Heres the thing though… is Osama really dead? For real? I for one really find that hard to believe. And its nothing to do with the white house not wanting to release photographic evidence or any other malarky to confirm his demise. Doesnt matter whats said or done, i cant help believing that if Osama was actually killed, it was due to a hopelessly bungled operation. Thats right, if the mans dead, it was by luck and somebodys going to have to answer for it. Why in heavens name would the powerws that be want to kill the one person that could in all probability unearth and dismantle once and for all the mechanism that is the Al Qaeda network of terror. Ok, even if half that, its half more than having one dead bearded terrorist with nothing to show for it. Conspiracy theory you say..? Think about it for a minute.
I know what i would have done if i was in charge… “Bring the scoundrel back alive!! Beat him to submission with yesterdays rolled up news papers if you bloody have to. I want him alive!! Bruised, broken… maybe, but ALIVE god damnnit!! And oh, by the way, once you’re done toss the other beardy weirdies off the side with some rites if you dont mind….  and make sure its documented as UBL. Osama’s a keeper, we’re going Vietnamese style cess pit for starters just like they did with Rambo and throw in some water boarding for dessert. Its going to be fun boys! “
Think about it… what would you have done? Frivolously expend a potential source of information that could prevent the death of countless of lives in some already planned future terrorist attack.. maybe on some train somewhere lets say… hmmmm? Lets face it folks, Osama isnt dead, not for real anyway. What he is though, is dead in the American psyche… bringing about much needed closure to a heinous act of terrorism.
Im glad hes not really dead. Im glad its going to be much worse for him.. much much worse. Recent events with regards to Guantanamo and its guests would  have hindered the use of any gratuitous torture, not to mention certain parties demanding UBL back or using him as some bargaining chip.
Its much better this way until Al Qaeda and its brethren are no more.
I feel safer for it already.

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