A blade to the belly of the beast…. (or how to scratch your Evo 4G)

does it scratch? Easily?.. or even at all? Google for the need of a screen protector for the venerable Evo 4G and you’ll come away pretty much stranded between two camps. One resoundly advocates the use of a screen protector to protect all that beautiful screen real estate and the other quite adamantly says no, the protector detracts from the user experience and anyhow, the screens virtually scratch proof anyway.

Hop over to YouTube and theres videos posted of users intentionally stabbing at their Evo 4Gs with sharp pointy objects, yet it comes away unscathed. Be warned, this is not of the faint of wallet. Made me cringe watching it the first time around.

and another, this time on a HTC HD2.

Well, I decided to find out first hand if the screen could hold up to such abuse. I appreciate over engineering. If it withstands this kind of abuse, my pocket with its contents will not be much of a challenge to Corning and its Gorilla Glass. And i can set my mind at ease.

So, armed with a coin, a standard run of the mill blade and a pair of scissors, i put my Evo to the test.

I was certainly impressed at the end of that piece of video. It looked like it stood up to that abuse pretty darned well. I guess the YouTube hype was all true, this thing was bulletproof. I was pretty smug… until my finger nail ran over something that wasnt there before and i gave it a closer look.

Egg on face. Notice that scratch? Easily felt and seen. And i wasnt half as rough with my implements of screen torture as those other chaps on YouTube? Maybe i keep my tools better eh?
Missed it in the previous image? Heres a closer look.

Yes, boys and girls… dont try this at home on your Evos, you will scratch your screen. Admittedly, i am still impressed that it came away with only two fine scratches… but they’re scratches none the less. And quite discernible if you run your finger or nail over it.

Take home point is, the screen can scratch…. protect your screen with a decent screen protector if you’re the sort who carries sharp pointy objects in your pocket or purse. For the rest, who keep their left pockets exclusively for their precious mobile devices and the occasional hanky, i’ll bet the screen will hold up just fine over time. Well…, thats barring the bit of bad luck of finding out its all quite true, that stray grains of sand may also scratch up the screen while in your pocket. I don’t think i’m up to proving that one. My poor Evos been through enough. There, there, poor dear….

Heres hoping Asahi’s Dragontrail will prove to be superior to Gorilla glass, and the next generation of mobile devices will truly be free of the need of any kind of screen protection whatsoever.

– asmd.

4 Responses to “A blade to the belly of the beast…. (or how to scratch your Evo 4G)”
  1. Ritesh says:

    I wanna try this at home.

    • asmd says:

      @ your own risk my friend.
      oh, and btw, if you’re still compelled to try it, use other tools… like a battery powered drill, potato peeler, fridge magnet.. that sort of thing. 😛

  2. myn says:

    Not sure why but I’m attracted to these “scratch test” videos. Almost like watching a Horror movie.

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