Badminton racket visual/tactile guide grip.

I love playing badminton… not to say that im great at it, but im somewhere in the middle and inching along. Anyhow, im always open to learning and improving and one of the many improvements that i keep getting advised to do is to correct my grip of the racket while playing… that is to hold it towards the top when playing doubles at the net for better control and in the middle when playing at the back for more power. Simple enough, but its easier said than done when years of doing it improperly has ingrained itself into the form of a hard to break habit.

Grip with a second layer over the middle of the handle to provide a visual and tactile guide.

So, this is what i came up with, to reapply the grip on my racket to provide a visual and tactile guide to non intrusively remind myself to hold it right. When at the front i dont allow any of my fingers to come below the second colored grip and when im at the back i hold it in the middle covering both colors.

While this may seem simplistic, it actually has helped me make a conscious effort to grip the racket properly which has helped me improve my game.

After applying the first grip in the traditional manner, use a piece of scrap grip of a different color to mark a transition id shaft. In the first instance, top racket in image, i used yonex supergrap and a second piece of a different color, starting at the middle and ending at the butt and secured it with a dab of super glue. Been weeks now, and its holding up just fine. When using a thicker grip like in the racket at the bottom, adding a second piece of the same kind of grip tape  will unacceptably increase the size of the grip, so i used a piece of  scrap supergrap secured with a dab of superglue to mark the separation which works just fine.

Hope this grip modification helps those who may need it, as it has me.



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