Apacs Finapi 88 – Carbon For The Common man.

Apacs may not be a name commonly come across in the badminton world. But they are up and coming, and for all the right reasons. With the market flooded with highly endorsed stupidly expensive  rackets from manfacturers such as Yonex and Li-Ning, its comforting to know that theres one brand that caters to the common man with well built, well … Continue reading

Canon’s delightful SX230HS do it all travel zoom.

…or otherwise titled “The $230 you will never regret spending”. Its true, believe you me. This article is a follow up to the stupendously horrible Fuji S2950 camera that i did below. Everything that is wrong with it is simply not in this little package. There are more detailed “reviews” on the internet complete with numbers and charts. But thats not quite how … Continue reading

FujiFilm’s not so FinePix S2950 digital camera.

There really are one too many of these. If flooding the market so you cant see the majestic redwoods for the rest of the trees was the goal, then their work is done. I can save you the time of reading the rest of the review by saying in summary that you should stay far … Continue reading