Badminton racket stringing video tutorial.

Theres more than one way to string this cat… and if you have taken an interest to string your own racket, this is a concise guide that should provide you a visual guide to everything there is to know on how to do it. Every racket will have its own string pattern but most current … Continue reading

E-PM1 Pen Mini, the little Olympus that almost could.

The E-PM1 promised quite a lot when it was first launched. Image quality of a dslr all bundled into a compact little camera that looks like a proper camera should. It may have been the baby of the Olympus line, but it had the guts of its more expensive siblings and to that effect, while … Continue reading

The science of carrots.

Being seven must be marvelous,,. its unfortunate i cant remember much of that part of my life. I would certainly would have liked to. But i suppose i get to relive some portion of it through my seven year old. Seven for me must have been a wonderful time… miraculous almost, if my own seven … Continue reading