Badminton racket stringing video tutorial.

Theres more than one way to string this cat… and if you have taken an interest to string your own racket, this is a concise guide that should provide you a visual guide to everything there is to know on how to do it.

Every racket will have its own string pattern but most current rackets seem to have the pattern i’ve described here. There are many variations and patterns, and i have tried most of them but in the end this is what i have found to provide the best reliably repeatable result.(works on Yonex Cab 21/MP55/VT 80/VT 70/FX700/NS9900/NS9000/ Carlton PT 1.0/Carlton VTT/Wilson KFactor/Head Metallix/Apacs LP21 just to mention a few…). Even if there is some variation, examine the grommets and more often than not, its pretty easy to figure out what minor changes are needed to string it.

Older rackets had different patterns and i initially used to go looking for the string pattern, but now have come to the conclusion that this string pattern actually works better. Newer rackets are also stringer friendly and provide better flange grommets to facilitate stringing. Its not rocket science, but  there’s a certain finesse to it that makes for a great string job.

I use a 6 point crank machine with 3 floating clamps. Two point machines differ substantially and will require a different method apart from the string pattern and knots.

Cranking each string pull three times stretches out the string and makes a difference in the end result, yielding less tension loss over time. (a constant pull machine would avoid the problem entirely). I am not a professional stringer, i string for the fun of it and for the love of the sport. It takes approximately an hour to complete.

A string puller is indipensable, i would highly suggest getting one to get the job done right. I buy all my tools and string from and i could not recommend them more. The only modification ive done to my stringing machine is to add load spreaders (those little white plastic pieces seen in the video at the top and throat of the racket) which work great in not just protecting the finish of the racket but more importantly spreading the load over a wider area preventing any damage.

Tie off knots for the main and the cross strings.

The video is otherwise pretty much self explanatory.

– asmd.

One Response to “Badminton racket stringing video tutorial.”
  1. Martin says:

    Very helpful video, thanks! I’m still a bit unsure when it comes to the knots but I’m getting the hang of it!

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