Logitech G27 / Driving Force GT laptop stand mod – Cheap and furious!

This is a quick and cheap stand that i put together for my Logitech gaming wheel. Its essentially a laptop stand/platform that i got from Office depot. It retails for $44, but can be had for $19 with some bargain hunting.  It works just as well with both the G27 wheel or the Driving Force GT. The … Continue reading

Canon D20 – Lifeproof!

If looking the part is anything to go by, Canon’s take on the take a bruising and keep on cruising genre sure does look the part. It practically screams dunk me! Subtlety was given its marching orders and  is quivering, quite alone, in the farthest corner of Canons basement with a failing torch. This is Canons second stab at the rough … Continue reading

Yonex Nanoray 700FX – Toughlex love.

This thing aint cheap. Thats the first thing that crossed my mind… the second thing was, why was the frame thicker than usual? Well, what ever the case, I would think that Yonex in all their wisdom in the years of peddling premium world beating rackets to the masses would know what they’re doing.  So, … Continue reading

Monster’s little monster – iClarityHD.

Everything is in HD these days. Kinda like when Tubo not just meant a mechanical component in cars to increase boost for more go.. anything Turbo’d meant it was just that much cooler. Now its HD sunglasses instead of Turbo sunglasses from the 80’s. Since TV’s went HD, the world has in a silly sort of fashion followed … Continue reading

Fuji’s Fantabulous X100!

Its been  along time coming, and who would have thought the that it wouldn’t be one of the big two to bring into our hands the amazingly big little camera that is the Fuji X100. As with my previous reviews this is my opinion piece on how this camera fairs with my needs in mind and if your needs are anything … Continue reading