Gun control and why it should not fail!

President Obama has started the wheels turning much to the chagrin of protesting gun advocates out there wielding their automatic guns high with pride still chanting that responsible gun owners do not kill people. A right is a right, but the buck has to stop somewhere. Just today a 15 year old murdered 5 people in New Mexico, 3 of whom were children. … Continue reading

Cheering on right here, right now.

The jolliness of it all.. another round of toasts, howls, whoops… and yet another rendition of Auld Lang Syne.. this time acapella. Alcohol as you know, will make you a better singer. I could at this point, quite willingly jump off the balcony, sailing down the18 stories down to the sidewalk, no I take that … Continue reading

Musical Yonex Arcsaber 10. :)

Who would have thought the Arc 10 would sound something like a koto, but i’d bet the Nips take this sort of this rather seriously when it comes to racket design,… zen and all that. But yes, this is all tongue in cheek, and in a moment of silliness, managed Mary had a little lamb when strung with Nbg 95 … Continue reading

Sony’s Pocketable Miracle – RX100

Its an innocent enough question frequently encountered.. what is the best camera to buy? And truth be said, funnily enough, the answer to that is the tired old cliche that the best camera money can buy is the one you have with you. Based on that premise alone coupled with the fact that Sony’s big … Continue reading