Gun control and why it should not fail!

President Obama has started the wheels turning much to the chagrin of protesting gun advocates out there wielding their automatic guns high with pride still chanting that responsible gun owners do not kill people. A right is a right, but the buck has to stop somewhere. Just today a 15 year old murdered 5 people in New Mexico, 3 of whom were children. This heinous crime was not committed with a spoon, or a backhoe, or a kitchen knife.. but with a gun.

An automatic weapon has but a singular purpose of existence, and that is to take the lives of as many souls as possible in the shortest amount of time. It has nothing to do with hunting or even personal protection. Its an ego trip and nothing more. Man has become ridiculously good at killing his fellow man in the most imaginative of ways. Hollow points, armor piercing, full automatic fire….  give a man a tool that should not even exist on Gods good earth, he will find a way to use it. History is littered with examples of madmen who command just enough who can project that madness using nothing more than stamped steel at arms length. Dare you argue with the point of a bullet? The single saddest thing i can think of is the unwarranted taking of a life, torn and ripped inside by the fragmentation of that extension of power exerted by a gun. Yes, the buck has to stop. And here and now is a darned good place.

The Sandy Hook school shooting, the theater, the Gurdwara and now this. It seems that if change has to take place the violence cannot stop. The gun has to show its true self by painting red the nation a big red target in blood so the blind can see. The ban on automatic weapons new and what ever there is in circulation will be one huge step in reducing the lives lost to the bullet. Ever try to kill 5 people with a knife? Many will try but few if none ever will succeed.  If we are to give a chance for any of the tragedies in the recent past to mean something, change has to take place, and now is no better time for it. In fact, i need to correct myself, change should have taken place a long time ago, but keeping everybody happy has only the best intentions of the one who claims he has the most to lose.

How many more must die before change takes place. Even then, it will take time before change, like rain, will have time to soak into the ground and diluted nd wash away the innocent blood spilt by assault rifles. A cursory look at nations where guns of any kind are outlawed clearly show that guns do kill people, responsible gun owners or otherwise.

No guns, no death by guns. Its as simple as that.



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