Just the one race, the human race.

The conflict between Palestine and Israel makes for some heavy historical reading. It invariably brings itself to the limelight amidst Kim Kardashian showing cleavage and Messi not deserving the golden boot thanks to the media and those who want to lament their plight. One side or the other . Nothing better than women and children dying under a rain of fire to pledge arms to protect and avenge the souls of the fallen. And now with MH17 falling innocent victim to yet another conflict with it itself having nothing to do with, the conflict in Ukraine has brought itself to the forefront of worldwide attention.  Almost exactly by design with thr paltry cost of 295 lives… in the grand scheme of things.  There seems to be a loss in the sense of what is important in these current times. There was before but we as a collective for all practical purposes should be past that. Any individial should be above any percieved ideal. As that it all it is a perceived ideal. We’re but one race, the human race. Yet if we were all united in race, creed and color as one, innate nature will still instill disparity among us as invariably a shepherd will emerge from the sheep and the cloak he wears will be a symbol to die for. It’s something we have to unlearn. Theres no greater good than we as a collective, who we are and that is the knowledge we must learn in order to unlearn our base ways.

It’s not that we don’t know how to do it. It’s a matter of stepping up to it. As much as we think we have evolved we still clutch to the old ways as would a baby a mother’s apron. It’s time we cut the strings.


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