Lola Redux Deliverance – the worlds most tweakable table speaker with a full user accessible digital signal processor.

DSCF1120 DSCF1123 DSCF1127 DSCF1138

Introducing Lola Redux Deliverance!

A Fully active 2.1 bluetooth/line in table speaker. 75 watts of Digital amplification, actively equalized to play flat with a completely user accessible Digital Signal Processor (DSP) which makes my Lola the worlds MOST tweakable table speaker.

After almost a year of working to build the ultimate table speaker, realising that there’s no one such thing, i give you my Lola Redux Deliverance. With a fully user accessible DSP, she can be tweaked to the environment she’s in,. Not just a bunch of presets at any given volume. Two 3 inch full range drivers and a ported 5.25 woofer underneath her svelte case provides remarkable playback for such a petite form factor. Lola is the first all in one solution that will fit on a desk. Speakers, amplification and DSP in one sleek form factor. Hand built from 1/2 inch MDF and dressed in a gloss piano finish, her sexy looks aside, she’s got a fine singing voice as the frequency response graph below demonstrates.

Lola Redux Deliverance @ 1 meter

The rising top end is just a personal preference, My hearing is not the same as yours and don’t let any speaker manufacture tell you otherwise! It’s not just about bass and treble that Peter Baxandall pioneered, theres more to it than that and Lola addresses it all. Heres the good bit.. with a user accessible DSP, she can be tweaked to sound exactly how you think she should. Although, the default settings will sound just fine to most folks, the option to change the response curve to address a boomy room mode, a zingy underdamped room or hearing loss is infinite and lets her disappear into the room instead of treating the room or listening position to appreciate the playback material how it should be.

The only controls are a bass cut knob to adjust for boundary gain.. (the closer she is to a wall, the more pronounced the bass will be, turning the bass down will compensate for the effect. Also, at lower volumes, turn it up slightly, as the human hearing does not hear all frequencies, especially the lower and higher frequencies at all volume levels. ), a master volume and input select switch. Any DSP twiddling will require a PC plugged into the rear mounted USB port.

I can wax poetic about how fine she sounds given the form factor i wanted to achieve the singing voice in. But I’m probably biased,… Lola’s my baby, so i’ll let the frequency response graph speak for itself… and if not, she can be changed at will!

It doesn’t get any better than this.


2 Responses to “Lola Redux Deliverance – the worlds most tweakable table speaker with a full user accessible digital signal processor.”
  1. Rich V says:

    She is stunningly beautiful.

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