About my Rants, Raves and Reviews.

This is me trying to make some point of this random pointlessness… which is why i decided to jump on the bandwagon of making a space for my musings and ramblings.. it gets hard after a while to recall what the constant voices talking to myself in my head were on about.. especially in the shower. i attribute that to white noise.
I am, what i’ve been called.. an enthusiastic hobbyist, of which i have many of…  I do love gadgets, gizmos and doo hickys. So, apart from fragmented thoughts and idle flights of fancy, i thought id  journal my tickering for the benefit of those who may perchance need some recourse to make some kind of educated decision based off where ive been or where im going. Get where im going with this? Yeah.
4 Responses to “About my Rants, Raves and Reviews.”
  1. shreejacob says:

    Hi!! Put up something about yourself herelah! 😛

    I’ve linked your blog on mine…so better keep posting!! hehehe!

  2. Tate Fernandez says:

    Out all the iterations of the Sprite, I like yours the best. Perfect blend of new and old. Perfect paint color and finish. Perfect handle with rubber grip. I would rework the front amp area though. It takes away from the overall look.

    Have you begun version 3 yet?

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