Gun control and why it should not fail!

President Obama has started the wheels turning much to the chagrin of protesting gun advocates out there wielding their automatic guns high with pride still chanting that responsible gun owners do not kill people. A right is a right, but the buck has to stop somewhere. Just today a 15 year old murdered 5 people in New Mexico, 3 of whom were children. … Continue reading

Yanni – Live at the Acropolis.

Revisted Yannis Live at the Acropolis…. Yanni tentamounts to a gelded stallion.. Theres still a lot of beauty and grace there.. Just no balls to back it up, sullying the grace of true real wind and stringed instruments and an insult to the folk who spend a lifetime perfecting the art of coaxing flawless note … Continue reading

Zen and the art of watch maintenance.

My Tag Heuer watch recently ran out of electrons and after a bit of a bothersome run around to get it back up to advertised specs (includeds getting played for a chump in a con where a fool and his money were soon parted.. oooo!!!, that still smarts and the better business bureau will hear … Continue reading

Elitist Apple.

Apples Elitist? Apples Iphone is what everyone seems to want, and that everyone will or is going to swear by but yet as of Nov 2010 only has a 3.2% market share of phone sales. Already 3rd behind Android, iOS has less than half the popularity of Nokias once loved Symbian OS. Go figure.   … Continue reading

IE9 not supported by XP, not now, not ever. bah! *ROFLMAO*

Click Image above to go to the PC world article. 98% of XP users WONT care. which is why they chose to stick with XP in the first place. the other 2% will shoehorn DX10 into XP and run IE9 out of spite… and then use chrome/FF/Opera to to blow raspberries at it. *rant off*

Im a Blogger, Hear Me Roar!..???

what the heck does it mean really. Oh, Im a blogger.. so and so’s a blogger… and therefore?? worn shamelessly,  the word “blogger” seems to be treated as a job description needing formal education complete with a graduation and cheezy dollar store wall mounted plaque. This annoys me to no end. being a part of a socail circle and … Continue reading

Kin – Iphone – WinMo relationship BS on ZDnet!

Kin – Iphone – WinMo relationship BS! Who writes this stuff.. just to fit a round peg into a square hole befitting the current atmosphere. Rubbish! No im not disputing that the Kin is dead. It probably deserved it for all i care. ive never even seen one. “Matt Miller, cellphone and smartphone guru … Continue reading

“…we dont know that its not caused by…”

I like many others, am a bit of a news junkie.. and in the recent past the best i can do is CNN off the cable box.. so much so that i have the CNN logo burned in at the bottom right corner of my plasma. (ok.. ok.. its actually rather hard to burn anything … Continue reading