A blade to the belly of the beast…. (or how to scratch your Evo 4G)

does it scratch? Easily?.. or even at all? Google for the need of a screen protector for the venerable Evo 4G and you’ll come away pretty much stranded between two camps. One resoundly advocates the use of a screen protector to protect all that beautiful screen real estate and the other quite adamantly says no, the protector detracts from the … Continue reading

Epic Evolution?

The problem is choice. Its a problem i wouldn’t mind too much if it wasn’t so darned hard to make that choice. Okay,.. Zion and the rest of humanity may not have been at stake with the choice i had to make. None the less, i did not want to be the Architect of my own poorly decided decision.  Its the principle of … Continue reading

Klipsch’s little secret that could.

Thought i’d let you in on a little secret… a pretty small one for its size, but big in so many other ways. Read on. Ive been asked many times as to whats the best buy in small form factor self powered speakers. My only qualifications stems from the fact that while i do have … Continue reading

Salty Salt.

Angelina Jolie’s role of Evelyn Salt couldnt get any saltier… but lacks the meaty flavorful broth that makes for a good story. I love action flicks.. oh yes i do, but if ever there was too much of a good thing,.. this is it. This flicks a stunt video demo… and good lord,  the action sequences get dragged out to the … Continue reading

Skylines a CGI tour de force thats Cloverfield on vitamins…. so much more could have been done with it.

Its not easy to impress me.. especially with hard to impress genres such as these. the bench mark has been set so high with previous productions that its well.., simply hard to do without some new angle. Independence day to me still is the yardstick i measure similar story lines too.. When the trailer hit the screen … Continue reading

Cambridge Audio 640P phono stage review.

more of a initial impression really. but yeah, finally landed a 640p to complete an all cambridge audio setup in the study. ive been thoroughly impressed with the British brand since i took the plunge with the entry level Azur 340 intergrated amplifier.. which i can honestly say is some serious bang for the buck. its … Continue reading

Prince of Persia – the sands of time = complete fail.

Pirates of the Carribean wannabe with astoundingly poor acting and way too much cheesy cgi. story deserves better direction and a better cast. apart from alfred molina who barely passes as tolerable, the rest are unworthy and thats not saying much. amazing how good and how bad disney can be at the same time! I want my money back.

Technics SL-1200MKII end of play auto lift.

Theres a lot to be said for tinkering and every so often, you’ve got to love it when it comes together oh so nicely. If i had one gripe with my Technics SL-1200MK2 manual turntable,.. is that every so often its not a SL-1600MK2 wth its fully automatic features. I love my 1200MK2 to death … Continue reading

Some say…..

the outline of his left nipple is an exact replica of the Nürburgring…… and, that his favorite condiment is WD40! All we know is, hes called the STIG!! HaH! those 3 boys of top gear fame really crack me up. with the end of the season again leaving random giggles and hilarious cooler talk concocted … Continue reading

The Table Top Ride – Cambridge Soundworks vs Tivoli vs Bose Wave vs Boston Acoustics Receptor HD!

The search for the simplest of things sometimes can turn out to be a rather harrowing experience. This tale is of one such instance. Once upon a time, in the not at all that long ago, a shopping did I go, for a small table top radio. Many did I see, each touting themselves the … Continue reading