We’re all different and yet more or less the same.


Lola Redux Deliverance -DSP at ones fingertips!

Have your way every single time… built to suit every room. The most adaptable bluetooth speaker ever!  

Life, as it turns out,.. is all about composition. Frame it right, and its all good. – asmd.

While time and tide waits for no man,…we nonetheless leave our footprints in its ebb and flow….

In the real world, unless you can…., you can’t.

I hate mornings.

I hate mornings. I really do…, no, I loathe mornings. And I’m not just being biased against any old morning such as the overly maligned Monday morning, Monday doesn’t have anything over any other mornings. I hate all mornings just the same, ¬†When all i can comprehend through the haze of what little consciousness there … Continue reading

Next time the shoe doesn’t fit…., give it a try anyhow. You know,.. just for perspective….

Post Christmas morn melee….

Twas the night before Christmas all not that long ago, and these two restlessly stirred peeking at the stockings hung by the chimney darting to and fro. Christmas morning came with the clatter of pitter patter down the stairs, that startled a would be mouse sneaking a cookie crumb that Santa left behind to share, … Continue reading

Lola Redux Deliverance – the worlds most tweakable table speaker with a full user accessible digital signal processor.

Introducing Lola Redux Deliverance! A Fully active 2.1 bluetooth/line in table speaker. 75 watts of Digital amplification, actively equalized to play flat with a completely user accessible Digital Signal Processor (DSP) which makes my Lola the worlds MOST tweakable table speaker. After almost a year of working to build the ultimate table speaker, realising that … Continue reading

We will be judged lest we be on the same page.

Sad but true. And it is we, who are perpetually striving to flock… Yes, that is us. It is who WE are. asmd.