Living Right… or just to the Left of Death.

Fauja Singh ran into the records book just the other day. It made the news…. The Turbaned Tornado, Centenarian, marathon runner.. 100 years on and running strong. Well, out came the can openers and those familiar can of worms. Surprised? Apparently we in our collective unconscious all want to be immortal, or so they’d want us to believe. And every single … Continue reading

Osama’s Dead!!…. Or Is He?

I watched the President give his speech followed by the jubilant whoops and cries amid the celebration among the throngs in the streets, brought about by the execution of the most wanted man alive, the terrorist head of Al Qaeda, one Osama bin Laden. I like many others remember distinctly where i was that fateful … Continue reading

Of Belgian Chocolates and Burqas…

The Belgians have apparently put out a  law that while may not explicitly say so, would effectively ban the use of the burqa in public. And to no surprise the very first thing this draws is fire onto itself. Frankly I dont get it. I think a lot of people dont get it. I applaud the Belgians for standing up for … Continue reading